Hi, I'm Joey

I like building things. I write software for a living as a professional software engineer, amateur scrum master, part-time DBA, pipeline build failure fixer, restart-er of production servers, and connoisseur of cheap beer. I like to write about things in code that mostly have to do with .NET and web development, while also adventuring into a wide variety of technology stacks to blog about. I work at a SaaS company currently writing lots of C#, .NET, and Vue, but I dabble in just about everything the modern web and application frameworks have to offer.

When I'm not sitting in front of an IDE or breaking production environments, you'll find spending time with my wife and dog, hanging out with friends, or probably sitting at the bar of one of my town's local breweries.


I write about a lot of things, mostly .NET and web development in general these days. The world of software is big, and there's no lack of topics for me to ramble on about. Grab a cold beverage of your choice, sit back, and have a look into the things that keep me up at night (mostly null references).

Angular Tailwind

Implementing dark mode in Angular with Tailwind

Because light mode is so 2018.

Joey McKenzieJoey McKenzie Software Engineer

Joey McKenzie

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